Friday, October 16, 2009

Sample Direct Mail Letter

Here is an introductory letter I came across that offers solutions to problems with real estate loans. I like it because there are no bells and whistles - it's straight down the middle. This person portrays themself as an advisor with several options on the table. I think it is much better to educate homeowners on the array of options available to them (Forebearance, refinance, Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure, etc ) than to only pitch a short sale, because the message you send is that you have the homeowners best interest in mind. It can't be emphasized enough - before a homeowner allows you to work with the lender, they have to trust you.

As I explained in an earlier post, repetition produces the best results when offering your help to homeowners that have defaulted on their mortgage payment. If the first letter doesn't generate a response, a second and third letter is in order. Subsequent letters should escalate in tone and urgency by explaining the consequences of doing nothing, and stress the magnitude of what the homeowner will experience if they chose to go into hiding.

Sample Letter

Dear Bob/Sally,

My name is _______. Please do not be embarrassed, but I offer ethical and compassionate solutions to problems with real estate loans. My initial consultant is free. I can often refer you to other pre screened, ethical professionals in the fields of refinance, bankruptcy, or credit management.

Other times, I might be able to arrange for a quick and discreet sale and leaseback of your property, allowing you to preserve your credit, your reputation, and your day-to-day affairs. In some instances, people want to sell their property and make a clean break - moving some place else in order to begin building better times and better memories.

Whatever your goals, you can rest assured that I am not just another opportunist trying to make money at your expense. If I can help, and we can both come out ahead, then we need to work together. If I can't help, then I can save you lots of time and anguish by referring you to people who can assist you.

Please take that first step of putting yourself back in charge of your life - contact me for some additional information and possibly a personal consultation.


Your Name

For the most personal impact and readability, I highly reccommend handwriting this letter. See my earlier entry on creative ways to get your mail piece read.

Until next time, A-B-C .... Always Be Closing.